Kim Oliver
01 Jul

In todays cost of living crisis when things are more expensive than ever before, we are all looking for ways to make extra money.

So here's some ways you can make extra money from your business;

- Start a blog page. Write about something you know about or youre passionate about so people can be influenced and learn from you.

- Take surveys. Help businesses improve their products and services by giving your honest opinion.

- Become an influencer. If you have a large following on social media and youre confident infront of the camera, then this could be for you.

- Sell printed designs. If you have design skills, then turn them in to money by selling print on demand designs.

-Test websites and apps. This involves testing apps and websites work properly before they are released into the gereal public.

- Become a translator.

-Freelancing. Freelancers are in high demand, the role can be varied and you set your own hours.

- Podcasting. If you're confident and a big talker, then a podcast show could be in your favour.

- Social media management. In a fast paced online world, most business owners use social media.

- Online courses. Create and teach an online walkthrough course.

- Monetise your Youtube channel. Upload your videos and get paid, once you reach their criteria.

- Tutoring. If you have a skill you can teach then you could be assisting students with their work.

- Affiliate marketing. Businesses will recommend products and services to a their audiences.

- Or become a VA!

There's many ways you can make extra money, so put your mind to work and increase your income!

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