Kim Oliver
23 Jun

Summers finally here and you might be wondering how you can free up some time for your personal life over the summer. We all need time away from our business to spend with family and friends, to take a break and recharge or for that important all inclusive trip abroad but how do you find the time when you are swamped with paperwork, invoices and a mountain of unread emails?

This is where The VA Cubicle could help you.
You could be a new start up business or you are established and wanting assistance in growing your brand, either way The VA Cubicle can support you with a variety of tasks.

Personal tasks such as diary management, scheduling, arranging meetings, email management and helping to tick tasks of that long to do list, can all  be outsourced to a virtual assistant. We also undertake personal tasks including, booking appointments, making reservations, travel arrangements and sourcing and sending gifts to family and clients on your behalf.

A virtual assistant also helps with administrative tasks such as utilising your email, scheduling appointments, planning and coordinating events and meetings, sending invitations, preparing emails and sending invoices, update and enter client information and edit,  proof reading text and following up deadlines.

Some of the easiest tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant include keeping track of accounts and bills, preparing financial statements and reports, responding to credit companies and HMRC on your behalf. VA's also assist with payroll tasks which include, salary calculations, payslips, end of year report preparation and payments, manage bank accounts, enter card transactions, prepare and send invoices and provide end of month reports.

VA's can assist with social media campaigns, conduct research on potential clients, marketing analytics and seeking out industry related social media groups for your business to join and showcase products and services. We also take on tasks such as email marketing campaigns and newsletters, follower growth and retention, create and schedule posts, sending online invitations, marketing your business in the press and creating customer feedback forms.

We can research competitors, investigate potential customers and business opportunities, prepare reports about target clients, find new products and services, research a specific topic, compile market data, find statistics, locate business contacts and updates about changes in your industry.

Customer relations tasks such as responding to emails, providing technical support and live chat services, maintaining website information, monitoring user conversation and responding to messages on social media. This helps to grow your social media presence, increase followers, engage with customers and create, manage and schedule advertising material or newsletters.
VA's often task on content writing tasks which helpt to get your company message across to your audience. We do this by creating blog posts, articles, newsletters and posts on social media. We can proofread your website to ensure it is SEO friendly, transcribe information, design marketing templates, write guidelines and instructions for your product or service, edit and format documents, formal letters, invitations and presentations.
Web design, development and maintenance tasks can be outsourced to VA's who are skilled in various programs and can build, design and maintain a professional business website. We can edit and upload new website information, make simple changes, add new products and services, make an announcement about an upcoming event or promotion, website promotion, finding relevant keywords, optimising website information to increase seacrch engine traffic.

We can locate business contacts, find people and leads, research new potential markets, prepare promotional material, contracts, proposals, input order information, prepare and send invoices and deal with sales administration.

If you do not require a full time VA but require assistance on an ad hoc basis to complete a project, we can also help you. VA's can help to market a product or service, investigate a particular niche, type or proofread content, prepare powerpoint presentations and research competitors or vendors.

There are so many ways you can use The VA Cubicle's services. Start by listing your annoying, nonprofit, time consuming business tasks. Then contact us for a bespoke business plan, designed especially around your business sector.

As business owners, we understand that it can be stressful to run your own business, especially if you have to wear all of the business hats and you are a lone worker. The VA Cubicle can take some of the stress away from you and assist you with your day to day operations in a professional manner.

If hiring a VA sounds ideal for your business and this is something you'd like to discuss further or you're ready to onboard with us, contact us today!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. We look forward to writing for you next month!

The VA Cubicle

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