Kim Oliver
24 Jul

We know as business owners there are alot of tasks that need completing, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly or periodically. These tasks can often be forgotten while you are busy operating your business day to day. 

Here at The VA Cubicle we have many tasks of our own to complete as well as other business projects, so we create to do lists to help keep us on track. These to do lists assist us in prioritising workload and also provide written reminders of tasks we need to complete. We love visuals! Each business working with The VA Cubicle will have its own to-do list, which will be updated daily as tasks are completed or carried over to prioritise other more urgent tasks. Clients will also have access to the to-do lists and can add or amend tasks when required and delegate tasks out amongst their team.

Other benefits of setting up to-do lists are:

Increase in productivity and time management 

Provides motivation

Improves memory 

Reduces stress

Allows for more personal time

Reduces workplace anxiety and improves mental health 

Provides a sense of accomplishment

Sets deadlines for goals

Be specific and realistic

Division of larger tasks Prioritise your goals

You may decide to assign a time to each task (which we like to do) which helps us to effectively plan out our working day and to ensure tasks are completed in a reasonable amount of time.

If you’d like assistance with planning your week and your workload, message The VA Cubicle to enquire about how we can help you stay focused and increase your business productivity.

After writing this I am now off for a few rum cocktails in the sun!

 Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you for next months addition.

The VA Cubicle

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