Kim Oliver
01 Apr

Hi everyone! 

Yes it's the bank holiday but I know some of you are already dreading heading back into the workplace after the long weekend break. 

So we are using this blog post as a motivational space to boost your moral and get you over that hurdle and into work confident and smiling.

Our first tip is to connect with others that make you feel good. Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people can definitely improve your mental health and make you feel valued. Connecting with people could include meeting in person, speaking on the phone or communicating online. 

Here are some ways to start making connections; 

  1. Strike up the confidence and start speaking to someone new
  2. Ask someone on the train to work, how their weekend was and actually listen when they tell you
  3. Spend 5 minutes in your day asking a colleague how they are 
  4. Car sharing is a great way to spark up conversations. Offer your colleague a lift home. 

Tip two is to get active. So many of us dread going to the gym or are anxious about starting that new exercise class but physical activity is actually a good way to maintain a positive state of mind. Studies show that physical activity improves sleep, mental well-being and happier moods, whilst reducing stress, anxiety and fears. 

There are many simple ways to stay active including;

  1. Taking the stairs
  2. Using your lunch break for a walk
  3. Ditch the car and walk into work
  4. Get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk the rest of your journey
  5. Organise a work sports activity, such as a five aside football team
  6. Have a kick about in the park 
  7. Do some morning stretches
  8. Walk to someone's desk instead of emailing 

Tip number three is to be aware of how you are feeling. This can help identify triggers for stress and anxiety. Be kind to yourself. Take some time out to enjoy a simple moment and your surroundings. 

Here are some ways to enjoy the simplicities in life:

  1. Buy a plant for your desk
  2. Have a clutter clear out day 
  3. Take a different route to work 
  4. Visit a new lunch spot

Next out tip number four is to always try new things. We are always learning new things and the art of learning can develop your self esteem. Setting goals can be a way of making you feel more productive and more in control. 

There are many things you can learn today, including:

  1. Find out something about your colleagues
  2. Sign up for a new, out of the box task 
  3. Read the newspaper or a book
  4. Set up a book club
  5. Do a crossword 
  6. Do some research on a topic you're intrigued in
  7. Learn a new language

Finally, tip five is to give as it is known that people who help others are more likely to be happier. Think about what you can do for others today.

Here are some examples;

  1. Making a cup of tea for your colleague
  2. Offering to help a colleague 
  3. Make a new starter feel welcome 
  4. Start a volunteering position

We hope our tips came in handy and gave you some food for thought. Remember, manifestation is real so keep those thoughts positive! Enjoy the rest of your week and we'll see you next month for our next blog post! 

Until then, 

The VA Cubicle

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