Kim Oliver
22 Apr

Hi everyone!

And welcome to our new blog post! 

As we have new social media accounts and are in the process of building back our following, we thought it would be a good time to talk about the importance of networking.

Networking is vital for any business and involves meeting new people, either online or offline who work in the same industry or share a common interest. Making those all important connections could be the key to improving business exposure and sales. Building and nurturing these relationships can also expand career development, knowledge and opportunities. 

Networking comes in the forms of attending industry and networking events, joining online communities, enrolling in professional bodies or working alongside a mentor or coach. Top tip!.... When you make connections, be sure to grab their contact details so you can follow up with an email, LinkedIn or a quick catch up call. They could be the person you've been looking for! 

Another reason networking is good for business is for referrals and recommendations. Building a good rapport and making connections can open new opportunities and it could actually inspire someone to recommend you during a hiring process. This can make you stand out from the crowd as there is already a professional relationship in place. 

We personally like to network virtually as it saves time and provides flexibility. As a virtual business it makes sense for us to network in this way but if you're someone who likes to get out, in person networking might be for you. 

Here are some of the ways that The VA Cubicle network within our business; 

- Social media networking 

- Facebook groups 

- Monthly newsletter

- This blog post!

Think of the ways in which you can network and get your business out there! They won't know about you unless you network and tell them. Having a website, just isn't enough in this day and age. 

Later in 2024, we will be introducing our own networking program for businesses to link up, make connections and exchange ideas. Keep an eye out for this in future blog posts, on our social media platforms and in our monthly newsletter. 

We are now off to sort out the messy garden, ready for summer. Let's hope the hayfever doesn't get me bad this year. I'm sure my doggie will be happy to walk in short grass, it's been a while haha. 

Thanks for reading! And enjoy the rest of your day. We hope you have a fantastic week ahead! 

The VA Cubicle 

P.S. Speaking of networking, we love to meet new people, so please follow us on our social media pages, subscribe to our Youtube channel and sign up for our monthly newsletter! 


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